Should You Purchase A Home With Pre-Existing Foundation Issues?

If you are in the market for purchasing a home, you might find a house you love but there’s a catch. The home has had repairs done to it’s foundation.

It’s understandable to give pause to that thought. The idea of buying a home with foundation problems would keep anyone up at night. However, you can rest easy if the work performed on the foundation was done by a reputable company and if the work was thoroughly evaluated by a structural engineer.

Actually, there’s even some benefits to buying a home that has had foundation repair performed on it.

What You Should Know About Foundation Problems

It’s an inevitability that all Houston homes settle into the ground eventually. Between the types of soil and intense climate, the ground will absolutely shift. That shifting can cause problems to your foundation.

As time goes by and more shifting occurs, foundations will move. The foundation piers can sink further down into the ground and when they sink, they do not sink evenly. This will throw the home out of level and cause all sorts of headaches.

Therefore, when looking at buying a home that has had foundation repair work done, be sure to verify the company that did the work. You’ll want to know who did the work, how they did the work, and if there is a lifetime warranty.

Too Much Water Spells Trouble For Foundations

Another item to look at on your prospective Houston area home is if the drainage around the property is adequate. If water pools up around the perimeter of the home with nowhere to go, that can wreck havoc on the foundation. Checking to see if the property has french drains or other types of drainage systems would be beneficial. This is especially true if the yard is graded towards the home.

The Benefit Of Buying A Home That Had Foundation Repair

Th benefit of buying a home that had foundation repair done (by a reputable company) is that because the sinking and shifting of the ground has already happened, any new piers that were installed are now on very stable ground.

Because the home has already sunk substantially and it was repaired, it doesn’t have further to go. The ground has already settled and is stable. Quite possibly, the home is on the most stable ground that it’s ever been on. The caveat to that being that the work was performed correctly. This is why it’s important to hire foundation repair companies with decades of experience.

How To Find Out If The Home Had Foundation Repair Done

First, you should ask the buyer or realtor if the home has any foundation repairs done. It’s illegal for sellers to lie or conceal this information. On top of that, you will want to have an independent inspector check the property for any signs of previous repair.

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