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We Provide Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Throughout Houston. End Cracks and Problems.

Worker Foundation Repair Houston

Repair to your home’s slab foundation is often needed throughout the Houston area.

If you have worries about the integrity of your home’s foundation, don’t delay in contacting us!

We stop fractures and other troublesome foundation issues. We are a Houston based foundation repair company that solves slab foundation repair problems with lasting solutions.

why slab foundation Service is necessary

  • Shifting soil is one of the primary reasons why concrete slab foundation repair is required around the Houston area.
  • The 100 + degree temperatures during the summer months (plus the large bouts of rainfall each year), routinely cause slab foundation problems.
  • Leaks in your home's plumbing can lead to serious problems and need to be addressed. Plumbing leaks can cause slab cracks, heaving and more.
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How Slab Foundation Repair Can Solve Your Problems

We are foundation crack repair Houston experts
  • It will level out your home which prevents further deterioration.
  • It closes the large gaps and evens out your floors.
  • Any damage from sinking and sloping will be fixed.
  • It protects your property's value.

Signs Of Slab Foundation Problems

  • Cracks In Bricks On The Exterior Of Your Home
  • Crack In The Foundation Slab
  • Gaps In The Sheetrock
  • Uneven Floors
  • Broken Tiles On Floor
  • Spaces Around Windows
  • Doors That Get Stuck
  • Crevices In The Ceiling
  • Leaning Fireplaces
  • A Fracture In Your Chimney
Slab Foundation Repair Houston

Get A Free Foundation Inspection

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If you think your foudnation is damaged, contact us. We provide a free foundation repair inspection and repair estimate.Contact us today!
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