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The lifting and leveling of a Houston home is equal parts science and art. It requires many different techniques and the skill of an experienced company.

When your home settles, it sinks and rotates the walls outward and it can move bricks away from window frames or garage doors.

Many times in homes with foundation settlement, you will see the most damage come from the roof in the form of leaks.

Concerns About House Lifting

Lifting a home involves moving a great deal of weight. The problem is that weight the weight of the home is not always centered and upright, and often it is against unstable soil.

House lifting is both risky and dangerous and should only be done by experts with decades of experience.

If a home is over-raised, it can cause even more serious issues like popping out walls.

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We are experts in house lifting and leveling in the Houston area.

We know exactly what areas need to be raised first and what needs to be raised together. Further, we know what areas have up-heaved in the foundation that do not exactly show the reference point of the leveling process.

Raising the incorrect area first can not only be hazardous, but it can cause severe damage to your home.

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