Plumbing Tests For Your Foundation

If you suspect leaks in your plumbing, particularly in the hot Houston summer months where soils can shift, a plumbing test can be performed. Plumbing tests will check for domestic and sewer line leaks in your plumbing system. Therefore, if you think there’s a leak in your plumbing, you shouldn’t delay in investigating. Plumbing issues can adversely affect your home’s foundation.

How To Tell If You Have a Plumbing Leak Under Your Slab Foundation

Cracks in foundations due to plumbing leaks are commonplace for Houston area property owners. A lot of things can cause plumbing leaks. For instance, the most common indications of plumbing leaks are:

(1) You are experiencing higher than usual water bills.

(2) If you shut the water off to your home, the pinwheel on your water meter continues to spin.

(3) There are areas around your home that constantly wet, such as the areas outside where your bathrooms are. A good tell is if the grass outside near your bathrooms is far more green than the rest of the grass in you yard. In addition, areas of your home that seem to be constantly wet are a good indicator of plumbing problems.

All of these are serious signs that point to a plumbing leak and delaying the solutions can cause big problems down the road.

When Should I Have A Plumbing Test Performed?

If you spot any of the following problems, than you should get a plumbing test performed as soon as possible:

-You notice excessive moisture in and around your house. If the ground is too moist around your home, it can cause foundation problems.

-Cracks in your floor or walls

-Water meter continues to run even though the water is off

-You can hear water running even if there is no water running.

-You experience “hot spots” in your floors

All of these signs point to something that needs to be investigated.

Cost Of A Plumbing Test

Depending on how in-depth the plumbing test needs to be, the cost could be anywhere between $150-350. Additionally, if you are planning on having foundation work performed, you will want to have a plumbing test done after your foundation has been lifted. You’ll want to do that because you want to ensure nothing happened to the plumbing system during the foundation repair.

If you think you have plumbing leaks or require foundation repair in your Houston area home, call us for a free foundation inspection.

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