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Got cracked walls, doors or windows that won’t close?

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You may have foundation problems.

Foundation issues are among the most serious problems that Piney Point Village home owners will experience and you need a foundation repair company with a stellar reputation that you can trust

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Piney Point Village Foundation Repair Methods

If you have a small sinking problem with your Piney Point Village home, the go-to repair method is often slab-jacking. Slab-jacking is where holes under the slab are filled in with grout. The grout is made up of cement, soil, and lime. It is then drilled through small entry points into the slab or wall. The positioning of the drill holes are done in a way that harmless and they are then filled. Therefore, the holes do not weaken the foundation and the filler strengthens it.

When you have a more serious sinking issue with your Piney Point Village home’s foundation, piering may be the foundation repair method you need.

Piering is a foundation repair method where jacks are used to lift up the sunken areas of the home’s foundation and then beams (aka piers) get connected by steel to footings that are used to hold the slab in position. We set the footing deep into the ground to make sure that it is not adversely affected by moisture in the soil, fluctuations in temperature, and to ensure that it can properly distribute the weight load of your Piney Point Village home.

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