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Do you have water in the basement or crawl space of your Jersey Village home?

Water can lead to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues with your foundation. It’s also a major pain to deal with. Fortunately, our reliable expert contractors are available to permanently fix these problems for you.

If you are having water issues, we can properly install a drainage system on your Jersey Village property.

We are here to solve all of your foundation problems!

Call us today for a free foundation inspection.

Common Signs Of Foundation Problems

  • Cracks In Bricks On The Exterior Of Your Home
  • Crack In The Foundation Slab
  • Gaps In The Sheetrock
  • Uneven Floors
  • Broken Tiles On Floor
  • Spaces Around Windows
  • Doors That Get Stuck
  • Crevices In The Ceiling
  • Leaning Fireplaces
  • A Fracture In Your Chimney
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Roots From Trees Can Cause Foundation Problems To Your Jersey Village Home

Tree roots can cause issues to your home’s foundation. When people think of tree roots in regards to their foundation, they don’t think they’ll cause any damage unless they somehow work their way into an existing foundation crack.

However, the same trees that many Jersey Village area homeowners love so much for their beautiful shade also suck up large amounts of water out of the soil everyday.

Very large trees can suck out upwards of 200 gallons per day. Smaller trees take out about 50 gallons. The soil type in the Aldine area is expansive and it reacts severely to the drying out of the soil by shrinking considerably. This can cause ,on average, a 3/4 of an inch difference between the soil height from underneath the house to the height around the home’s perimeter.

Now normally, the home is usually able to adjust to this. However, when there is varying degrees of moisture on different sides of the home, foundation problems can happen. Therefore, you should call foundation repair experts of Jersey Village TX.

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