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Foundation repair in Aldine, TX is a relatively common occurrence. This is because the Houston soil and climate can cause ground movements that can strain the foundational structures of homes and buildings.

Slab foundations are often used in Aldine and surrounding areas. We have seen every type of foundation issue from small cracks and soil erosion, to entire sections sinking and whole walls with large cracks.

We have served the homeowners of Houston area for decades. We have mastered the techniques that work best for Aldine foundation repair. Thus, you can be assured, that we are ready, willing, and able to put our extensive expertise to work for you.

Common Causes Of Foundation Problems

The foundation of a home can develop problems sometimes because the slab or basement was not adequately poured or undergirded when it was built.

However, in a lot of cases, the culprit is simple. It is the result of natural wear and tear from the changes in temperature, moisture, and other extenuating reasons.

Therefore, an older home is more likely to have foundational issues. This is simply because it has had to bear the weight of the house and deal with the Houston climate and soil for longer periods of time.

Eventually, all foundations will need a level of repair or they fail completely. But, by quickly fixing things such as cracks and/or re-stabilizing areas of sunken foundations, you can significantly increase the life of your Aldine’s home foundation.

Did You Know That The Roots From Trees Can Cause Foundation Problems?

It may not cross your mind immediately, but tree roots can cause problems to your home’s foundation. When people think of tree roots in regards to their foundation, they don’t think they’ll cause any damage unless they somehow work their way into an existing foundation crack.

However, the same trees that many Aldine area homeowners love so much for their beautiful shade also suck up large amounts of water out of the soil everyday.

Very large trees can suck out upwards of 200 gallons per day. Smaller trees take out about 50 gallons. The soil type in the Aldine area is expansive and it reacts severely to the drying out of the soil by shrinking considerably. This can cause ,on average, a 3/4 of an inch difference between the soil height from underneath the house to the height around the home’s perimeter.

Now normally, the home is usually able to adjust to this. However, when there is varying degrees of moisture on different sides of the home, foundation problems can happen. Therefore, you should call us, your foundation repair experts of Aldine TX.

Aldine Foundation Repair Methods

If you have a small sinking problem with your Aldine home, the go-to repair method is often slab-jacking. Slab-jacking is where holes under the slab are filled in with grout. The grout is made up of cement, soil, and lime. It is then drilled through small entry points into the slab or wall. The positioning of the drill holes are done in a way that is harmless and the holes are then filled. Therefore, the holes do not weaken the foundation and the filler strengthens it.When you have a more serious sinking issue with your Aldine home’s foundation, piering may be the foundation repair method you need.Piering is a foundation repair method where jacks are used to lift up the sunken areas of the home’s foundation. Then, the beams (aka piers) get connected by steel to footings that are used to hold the slab in position.We set the footing deep into the ground to make sure that it is not adversely affected by moisture in the soil, fluctuations in temperature, and to ensure that it can properly distribute the weight load of your Aldine home.
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Preventative Maintenance To Your Aldine Home's Foundation

We are experts in solving all of your foundation problems for your Aldine area home. In addition, we can also provide you with helpful advice on how to help you prevent future issues to your home’s foundation.

This includes things such as installing a root barrier, rearranging your trees, or changing up your irrigation systems.

If you need help with all things foundation repair in Aldine, TX contact us today.

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