Home Remodeling & Foundation Repair

If you are thinking of remodeling your Houston home, but you know you have foundation problems, than you will want to solve those problems first. The reason being that lifting your home may cause some damage. You wouldn’t want to invest money in a remodel, only to have that work be put at risk because of foundation problems.

Foundation Repair & Kitchen Remodeling

Foundation problems can damage your kitchen by cracking your floors, splitting your countertops, or cracking the drywall. It’s possible for cracks to be visible throughout our remodeled Houston home. As stated previously, you don’t want to spend money on a remodel, only to have to perform more repairs because of foundation problems.

Remodeling contractors who are reliable and experienced will most definitely tell you to have your foundation inspected before remodeling.

Roof Repairs & Your Foundation

If you need to have repairs done to your roof and work done to your foundation, it’s best to have the foundation repaired first. Repairing the roof before the foundation, the new roof may develop ripples or wrinkles when the foundation is fixed. Further, if your roof has tiles, they could crack. Therefore, you’ll want to repair your foundation before having your roof done.

In addition, if you have to have any plumbing repairs done, it’s best to solve the foundation problems before plumbing repair commences. During the foundation process, your Houston home is lifted.

If you are planning a remodel, get your foundation inspected. We offer free foundation inspections and repair estimates.

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