Foundation Settling & The Problems It Causes

Houston Foundation Repair
Foundation settlement can raise many issues for homeowners throughout Texas and this is especially true for those in the Houston area.If you see small cracks, those are most likely not caused by foundation settlement. However, larger cracks, sinking, and other issues could be signs of problems from foundation settlement.

Cracks: What To Look For

The biggest cracks are the ones that need the most attention for Houston area homeowners as they are usually a sign of bigger problems.If you spot cracks that have a shape of stairs, that is generally an indication of serious foundation movement. Additionally, cracks that are just very long or very wide could also be a primary indicator of serious foundation issues.Horizontal cracks are typically a sign that there is a water problem occurring under your home’s foundation.Very large cracks that are wider near the top of the crack could be a signal that the ground under your home is pushing upward and settling. There can be a variety of reasons for these issues such as poor soil.Larger vertical cracks with wider gaps near the floor are generally signs of sinking or other settlement related problems.In any case, if you are experiencing any of the above, you need a professional Houston based foundation repair company to assess your situation.We provide free inspections and repair estimates.

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