Drainage Tips To Avoid Issues With Your Foundation

Excessive water can wreck havoc on your Houston area home’s foundation. Therefore, having a proper drainage system can help solve foundation problems before they start. Here are some tips that you can utilize to prevent foundation problems and solving water drainage problems. Regardless if you have a slab or pier and beam foundation, you want to get ahead of any sort of drainage problem. You can avoid expensive foundation repair by doing so. We can provide you with a free estimate on a drainage system.

It’s critical to stop water from accumulating around or under your Houston home’s foundation. Standing water in the the crawl space of a pier and beam foundation home can lead to rotting. You also have to concern yourself with mold forming as well. When water gets under a slab foundation, it can cause moving and heaving which can lead to cracks.

The biggest tip we can give is to make sure that water is draining away from your Houston home’s foundation. If you have a standing water problem around the perimeter of your home, then a drainage system is imperative.

Drainage Tips

The first tip is to make sure that your property is graded away from your home. When your yard slopes towards your house, guess what happens? All of the water runs toward your home’s foundation and that’s not a good thing. If you can get less water going towards your home, that’s a good start.

Secondly, it’s a good idea to have gutters and downspouts installed around your Houston home. Again, keeping the water from heavy rainfalls away from the home is a crucial step to foundation maintenance.

Lastly, the installation of surface drains or French drains will move the water away from your foundation.

Sometimes all 3 tips are needed. Sometimes it’s just one or 2 that is required. Call us and we can come take a look at what your drainage needs are.

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