Door’s Sticking In Your Home? Here’s Why…

Doors that stick may indicate foundation repair

If the doors in your Houston home are sticking when opening or closing, that may be an indicator of problems with your foundation.

Sometimes, the problem of doors sticking is due to the natural expansion and contraction of the wood. However, if it’s a persistent problem, it might be something bigger.

For instance, right after rainy days, you may notice that your doors don’t shut the way they normally do. This is common because of the higher degrees of moisture in the air cause wood to swell. The swelling leads to doors sticking. Afterwards, the sticking should subside as the moisture level in the air decreases.

If days go by and the problems still persist, then observe the alignment of your door’s hinges. If there are loose screws or if there was an incident with the door, the hinges could be out of alignment. Therefore, replacing the screws or hinges may be necessary.

Of course, if the hinges are OK and the problem persists through rainfall/high humidity, you may have a foundation problem that needs further investigating.

Likewise, if you are experiencing other issues such as cracks in your exterior brick or cracked floors, then you definitely need a trained professional to inspect your Houston home’s foundation.

More Signs Of Foundation Issues

If you have poor drainage around the perimeter of your property, you might have issues with your foundation. Likewise, if there was a plumbing leak underneath your slab foundation, that could lead to problems that require foundation repair.

Therefore, if you are experiencing any of those issues, you should have your foundation evaluated before the problems become bigger and more expensive.

We are foundation repair experts servicing the Houston area. We’d be happy to come by and give you a free inspection of your foundation along with a repair estimate.

  • Cracks In Bricks On The Exterior Of Your Home
  • Crack In The Foundation Slab
  • Gaps In The Sheetrock
  • Uneven Floors
  • Broken Tiles On Floor
  • Spaces Around Windows
  • Doors That Get Stuck
  • Crevices In The Ceiling
  • Leaning Fireplaces
  • A Fracture In Your Chimney

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