Foundation Repair Houston

Slab Foundation Repair

Have you been noticing cracks in your walls, or maybe doors and windows are not shutting properly?

You might have a problem with your home’s foundation and we are experts in all types of foundation repair in the Houston area.

House Leveling

House leveling is the process of lifting a home back to the original position that it was in when it was built. For instance, in brand new Houston homes, foundation slabs are required to be no more than 1.5 inches out of level. This standard comes from the ACI (American Concrete Institute)

Pier & Beam Foundation Repair

Have you noticed your floors sinking, bowing or sloping? You might have an issue with your foundation that needs repair.

Pier and Beam foundations are where the interior is constructed of parallel wooden beams elevated sitting atop of blocks or “piers” as well as having a concrete wall along the perimeter.  Therefore, this kind of foundation provides better stability to your Houston home by allowing the weight of the home to be distributed more evenly.

FREE Foundation Inspection Houston

Foundation Inspection Houston

If you have been noticing cracked walls, doors or windows that won’t close, or floors that appear to bulge, you may have an issue with your home’s foundation. Foundation issues are among the most serious problems that Houston home owners will deal with and you need a foundation repair company with a stellar reputation that will put your mind at ease.

We provide a free inspection of your foundation, so that we can analyze exactly what your specific foundation problem is and give you the proper foundation repair solution that is right for you.

Slab Foundation Repair

Slab Foundation Repair Houston

Do you have cracks or damage in your home’s slab foundation?

Slab foundation repair is often a necessary solution for Houston residents.

We can put a stop to any fractures or other slab foundation problems. As a Houston contractor that solves slab foundation repair problems, we provide reliable and affordable solutions.

Signs Of Slab Foundation Problems

  • Cracks In Bricks On The Exterior Of Your Home
  • Crack In The Foundation Slab
  • Gaps In The Sheetrock
  • Uneven Floors
  • Broken Tiles On Floor
  • Spaces Around Windows
  • Doors That Get Stuck
  • Crevices In The Ceiling
  • Leaning Fireplaces
  • A Fracture In Your Chimney

Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

Are you experiencing issues with your pier and beam foundation  such as uneven floors? When your home settles into the soil, the piers that are holding it up can sink too. However, they can sink in an uneven way which causes your floors to become uneven.

This a common foundation problem in Houston and we have extensive experience in this type of foundation repair over the last 20 years. So, if you are experiencing pier and beam foundation problems in your Houston home, call us today and we can come out to give you a FREE foundation inspection.

Pier And Beam Foundation Repair Houston

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair Houston

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation? It is not uncommon for foundation cracks to show up within the first few years of a new home in the Houston area, commonly by windows, corners of the walls or on the floors or in the longer areas of your foundation.

Most cracks occur because of the foundation settling and are usually not a major cause for concern. However, if you see large cracks or if there is water seeping through the cracks, you need to call us right away before the damage to your foundation becomes worse and requires even more costly repair.

House Leveling

Is the foundation of your Houston home heaving or settling and you don’t know why?

The two main reasons for settling are the combination of water and soil, which can cause walls to crack and it can even move your foundation.

Regardless of whether you have a slab foundation, a pier and beam foundation, or a home with a full basement, your foundation can move and if the heaving or settling becomes excessive, the home will shift and cracks will emerge.

Therefore, house leveling could be the repair solution to your foundation problems.

House Leveling Houston

House Lifting

House Lifting Houston
Is water collecting and damaging your foundation because your Houston home is sitting at a very low spot on your property?Sometimes property grading can remedy this issue. However, other times the lifting and raising of a home is the necessary way to keep a house dry and protected against significant water damage.

Property Grading

Property grading is a common solution if you consistently have water pooling in different areas of your property. Standing water isn’t just gross and disgusting, it can cause other unwanted problems. For instance, standing water attracts a lot of different types of bugs (especially mosquitoes), it wrecks havoc on your yard, and it can weaken your home’s foundation.Lack of any water drainage can be the sign of a much larger problem and the point of grading your property is to alleviate yourself out of all of these problems.Therefore, you might consider property grading to get the stagnant water away from your Houston home so that you don’t get flooding and other foundation issues (that can have an even greater repair cost).
Property Grading Houston

Foundation Repair Cost

Foundation Repair Cost

It’s impossible to guess at how much foundation repair is going to cost you without analyzing your specific situation, which is why we offer a FREE foundation inspection.

The cost of foundation repairs are among the most frightening things that Houston homeowners can think about.

The truth is, foundation repair costs vary a great deal. For instance, one home may have a severe issue with their crawl space, another might just have a small crack in their foundation.

Those are some wide variables that greatly impact the overall foundation repair cost.

Foundation Repair Services

  • Free Foundation Inspection
  • Slab Foundation Repair
  • Pier And Beam Foundation Repair
  • House Leveling
  • House Lifting

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